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Former MVP returns to Cavs

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Oliver Lockwood-Powell, Sports Editor

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The Cleveland Cavs have been nothing short of red-hot, winning 11-straight lead by one of the greatest of all-time LeBron James. During the majority of this streak, they have been without starting point guard Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose, who has been out a few weeks contemplating if he will continue his basketball career, has just informed team officials that he will be joining the squad effective immediately. After a rough career filled with injury, Rose has tried to revive his career with the Cavs. With two early season ankle injuries, Rose was unclear about his future with the Cavs and basketball itself.

This is not the first time Rose has left a team behind for personal reasons. Last year the former MVP left the New York Knicks and went back to Chicago to hang out with his kids and wife. With his return, the Cavs are set to continue their run and hope to surpass the Boston Celtics as the number one seed in the Eastern conference.

Not only are the Cavs looking like they are finals ready, the team captain, LeBron James, is looking like an MVP caliber player in his 15th season. His stats are beyond belief for 32-years-old, along with the fact that he is shooting the best he ever has. If you mix a hungry James and a revived Rose, the Cavs are looking well equipped to take on the best of the best in the league.

With main focal points at all five starting positions, the Cavs are war-ready, looking to go for their second Larry O’Brien trophy in three years.

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Oliver Lockwood-Powell, Sports Editor
Oliver Lockwood-Powell, also known as “Ver,” is a world renown sports editor for the LHS Statesman staff and looks to be a father-figure in the 2017-18 season. In his spare time, his majesty likes to break ankles on the High-Y court and sing lullabies to his beloved seat partner Jack “Chuck” Fehrs when times are...
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