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LHS Girls Basketball off to a good start

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer

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The LHS girls basketball team kicked off their season opener game with a win against the Sioux City Cardinals this Tuesday on Dec. 12.

Right as the referee tossed the ball for the tip-off, it was obvious the game was going to be a close one. The first two minutes of the game remained scoreless until LHS scored the first two points of the game. During the first quarter, the teams stayed within three points of each other keeping the game extremely close as the quarter ends 14-16.

As the second quarter began, the Cardinals pulled away with an eight point lead over the Patriots. They went on a run of points with a few fast breaks and a three-pointer to take their lead. The Patriots walked away from the first half down by eight, but were ready to fight back.

The Patriots trailed the Cardinals the entire third quarter. They came back with a few fast breaks, but it still was not enough to gain a lead.

The fourth quarter was where the Pats came out to fight. They were down at the beginning and with three minutes left in the game, sophomore Morgan Hansen tied the game with an and-one layup. She missed the free throw causing the Cardinals to come out with the rebound. Cardinals fired right back with a wide open layup at the block. After a timeout was called by the Patriots, they came back out with a minute left in the game. Hansen drilled a three from the corner, putting the Pats in the lead. Another time-out was called by the Cardinals, with seven seconds to spare, in order to try to get a last second shot up to win the game. The ball was thrown in bounds and the Cardinals fought to get a shot off, but it was not enough. The game ended with an air ball by the Cardinals and the Pats came out with the W.

Senior, Courtney Klatt ended the game with 20 points to be the leading scorer for the Pats while Hansen followed her with 17 points and eight rebounds. Sophomore Emma Osmudnson also had 8 points for the Pats. The LHS girls basketball team set a great pathway for their season as they start out with a 1-0 record.

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Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer
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