Lincoln High School Statesman

LHS Homecoming 2017

Riley Rasmussen, Photographer

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Riley Rasmussen, Photographer
Riley Rasmussen is one of photographers for the Statesman and is a second-year staff member. Outside of the Statesman, she can be found traveling in random spots around the world holding up a camera either taking photos or filming for a new video. Later, she can be found trying to clear out her photo app...
Lily Becker, Twitterer, Staff Writer
Lily Becker is a newbie to the Statesman fam this year. She participates in Student Council and bleeds red white and blue for her fellow Lincoln Crazies. What most of you do not know, Lily is about to bless your timeline with her new position as the Statesman ¨Tweeter.¨ When Lily is not busy cheering...
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