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LHS’ new Homecoming tradition

LHS students at new movie night tradition

Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer

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This year has been a year full of new experiences. A new principal, a new lanyard rule and a new homecoming tradition.

The LHS Student Council has added a movie night to the homecoming week festivities. “Grown Ups” starring Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade was the first movie to kick of this new tradition.

Kids of all class ranges showed up and laid out their blankets, lawn chairs and even bean bags, as they sat back and enjoyed each other’s company.

“The atmosphere was great. I loved how everyone got together and just vibed,” said junior Parker Hibbard.

There were some slight setbacks, however, originally the movie night was set to take place on the football field, but unfortunately, the weather got in the way.

“You can’t control the weather so the movie could have been much more enjoyable in the football field and the popcorn could use some work, but despite that I really did have a litty time,” said Hibbard.

All in all this new tradition was an enjoyable time for all, it looks like movie night is something to look forward to for years to come.

Chloe Crissman
Somer Luitjens, Annika Joyce, Parker Hibbard enjoying “Grown Ups” at LHS

Chloe Crissman
Seniors Ryley Heier, Molly Faris and Tommy Anderson posin’ at LHS movie night.

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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer
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