Lincoln High School Statesman

Lincoln in the eyes of the freshmen

Sophia Boyt, LHS Freshman Connections Student

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The dark atmosphere in the halls suffocate the chirpy mood of the students. The looming walls glare at young freshmen, their smooth surfaces a deceiving beige. This is LHS, or at least in the eyes of summer school connections.


It’s a late summer morning at LHS. Forty freshmen sit in class awaiting instruction. They are tired and anxious, awaiting their next assignment. A few of the students are comfortable in the large classrooms and dim corridors, but most are nervous. Som even puzzled.


“There are a lot of narrow hallways and it is confusing,” said Jannah Oroceo, an incoming freshman at LHS.


The school seems intimidating and enormous to new students. Luckily, a few are keeping their senses of humor. LHS freshman Abby Fischer shakes off the fear of a new school with a funny quip.


“It smells, it’s weird, it’s a school,” said Fischer.

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