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Manchester Bomber suspect identified

Gage Gramlick, Staff writer

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Police name Salman Abedi as the terrorist responsible for yesterday’s bombing in Manchester, England. The bomb went off at popstar Ariana Grande’s concert. In total, there are 22 fatalities.

Question as to whether or not this an act inspired by ISIS is still unclear. The terrorist group which holds power in much of the Middle East claimed culpability for the bombing in their television station. However, officials are unsure whether these claims are valid or simply attempts to reinvigorate the ISIS name.

Among the deaths are that of an 8-year-old and a 18-year-old.


This is the largest terrorist attack in England since the 2005 bombings.


Ariana Grande officially suspended her world tour, and is in fine health.


According to CNN, Donald Trump referred to the bomber as a “loser.”


59 people, in total, are injured.

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