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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer

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Indeed that time of the year has fallen upon us. The time for cute couples to show off that their love will keep them warm through the long, winter months.

Everyone knows that one couple that goes wayyy too far to prove their undying love for eachother during the holiday season. These are some of the most annoying things winter couples do:

  • Wear matching hats and mittens- I just do not understand the logic behind matching clothes.
  • Posting “Relationship Goals” pictures on EVERY social media platform- I would like to go on record by stating that no, I am not a bitter person. I just think that the two-thousand pictures of Jack’s perfect relationship with his one true love that is inevitably destined for utter failure is overrated. All I ask is that you save the rest of us the sheer torture of scrolling through your endless public social media displays of love and fakely commenting, “Ugh Goals! *heart eye heart eye*”.
  • Thinking they need to set you up with someone for the holidays- I am more than okay with not having a New Year’s kiss. Um, hello, think of all the winter germs. Hard pass.
  • Asking you 100,000 times what they should get their partner- I do not even know what I am asking for for Christmas let alone what your boyfriend, whom I have only met twice, wants.

This season if you are in a relationship please be considerate of how you portray you and your partner’s relationship during these long, winter months. Or better yet, go into hibernation.

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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer
Chloe Crissman is a new addition to the Statesman staff. When Crissman is not in the gym makin’ “gainz”,  she enjoy eating “sketti” with her good friend Somer Luitjens. The Statesman is not the only school activity Crissman participates in; she is also on the LHS volleyball team and student council. Crissman also spends her...
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