Lincoln High School Statesman

New school, new opinions- What future freshmen think

Ellie Munkvold, LHS Freshman Connections Student

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Incoming freshmen push open those smooth, metal front doors of the LHS building. The aroma of those fresh cookies greets them, bringing back hope to the dreaded first day. This will be the first step, both literally and figuratively of their high school careers.


LHS is a school well-known in South Dakota for its strong “Patriot Pride,” but could it also be known for its design?


“It looks fancy,” said future freshman Mara Fendrich.


There are many interesting things here that many returning students may not think of. Some sights that have been noticed are the greenhouse, the trophy cases and the abundance of murals. One thing that sticks out to the students is the bright blue lockers.


It has cool lockers, said LHS freshman Maryan.


We all hope for more positive reviews as more people enter their new home.

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