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Saving the Internet – one man at a time

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Lillian D., Staff Writer

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The Internet as the world knows it may soon be subject to change. The law known as Net Neutrality is keeping the whole Internet open to every person who pays for it. Soon, that might change.

Will Howes, an LHS junior is passionate about keeping the Internet intact for the world. His ambitions and interest in the topic led him to create a protest event at Verizon. Howes hopes to spread awareness for people to stand up against repealing Net Neutrality. Without the law, any Internet providers would be able to split up the internet into different sections, selling each at whatever price they chose. Access to unlimited information would be over as we know it.

The issue has been around for years, but now the stakes are higher than they ever were before.

“I’ve wanted to get involved with Net Neutrality for a while, but I never really did anything because everyone else was doing things and it wasn’t super serious,” said Howes. “Now, the official chairman of the FCC said that in one month they are going to vote and if this vote passes, the current [laws] will be repealed.”

With the Internet put at threat by the government, the next step is for the people to speak out on what they want.

“The biggest fear that Net Neutrality faces is that people just don’t know what it is,” said Howes. “The idea is by protesting outside of Verizon, [people] will know what’s at stake.”

The protest is scheduled for just under a week in Sioux Falls. The goal is to get people out there and standing for what they believe in to protect what the majority of people in America use on the daily.

“December 7th, the Verizon store on 41st street… I will create an event on BattleForTheNet website and everyone who visits the [website] will be able to see what is going on,” said Howes.


For further information and details about the Sioux Falls protest, click here

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Lillian D., Staff Writer
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