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Started from the bottom; how to catch up in fantasy football

Jack Fehrs, Feature editor

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Jack Fehrs
Caiden Capaldo checks his fantasy team, plotting on how to advance in the ranks.

If you have played fantasy football, you know the feeling. The deep aching feeling inside  when you see your fantasy team slowly slipping down the leaderboard. Although all hope may seem lost, there are ways you can improve your standings.

The key to turning your fantasy team around lies in the heart of the waiver wire. The waiver wire can single-handedly lift your team from the ashes. NFL rosters are always changing, this means new starters in a variety of different positions. Players have hit and miss weeks, but frequently there are consistent players that fly under the radar. To be successful in fantasy leagues, it is a must to seek them off the waiver wire.

Another strategy that can be used to harbor success is predicting the rise and fall of players and capitalizing on it through trading. Some players are similar to stocks, their prices rocket and plummet and if you are the lucky one to predict the trend, it can completely change your team. Buy low and sell high. If a player you nabbed off the waiver wire just had a big week, consider trading them for a more consistent option.

Finally, a more questionable method compared to the rest, bribery. Trading an average player and $10 or a meal at Qdoba for a good player can work wonders. However, this method is best kept under the table.

There are many ways to climb the ladder of the fantasy football ranks, from picking up players off the waiver wire to bribery, but one thing is for sure, you are never stuck at the bottom.

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Jack Fehrs, Feature Editor
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