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Stop trashing the LHS bathrooms 2k17

Glory Yount, Staff Writer

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There’s a few aspects of LHS that I, a graduating senior, will miss. I’ll miss my Ad Room family and our somewhat disorganized parties, the way the sweep teacher automatically knows that I’m on the daily sweep list and I’ll miss congregating with my group of friends in the foyer after school every day. However, there’s many things I won’t miss about LHS and the bathrooms top the list.

We can all admit that each and every one of us has taken a selfie in the full length mirror found in the upper E-wing bathroom, which was truly the nicest bathroom in school. Unfortunately, like every good thing in this world, there’s always a group of people the seek out to corrupt the purest things. As my high school career progressed, I noticed a huge difference between how the upper E-wing bathroom was treated at the beginning of freshman year and how it eventually became increasingly more trashed. It was as if someone decided that the largest, cleanest and nicest bathroom wasn’t deserving of being treated with respect. The quality of the bathroom deteriorated to a level somewhat similar to the disease ridden quality of the lower E-wing bathroom, which is arguably the most trashed bathroom at LHS. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve walked into this particular bathroom, only to be greeted with an overwhelmingly rank stench, offensive bathroom graffiti, the floors littered with toilet paper and sometimes even bodily fluids. To see the upper E-wing bathroom diminish to the horrors of it’s sister bathroom was heart wrenching.

Aside from the cringe-inducing lack of cleanliness, the hand dryers in each bathroom are completely useless. As someone who can’t stand having wet hands, I’ve gone through all of my hand-drying options. I could stand with my hands underneath the hand dryer as it gently blows hot air onto my hands in the same way a two-year-old sloppily attempts to blow out his birthday candles. A full thirty seconds later the hand dryer will stop, leaving my hands damp and cold. The most effective method I’ve personally experienced is alternating between wiping my hands on my pants and using the hand dryer.

My third option, which I have yet to try, includes using toilet paper as a substitute for paper towels. If you’re in the previously mentioned lower E-wing bathroom, you can easily find the toilet paper you need scattered beneath your feet. In most cases, the bathroom only has one hand dryer and some people, feeling too awkward to wait in line, give their hands a quick tap on the sink before wiping them on their pants and then going about their merry way… with damp hands. Who can possibly be okay with that? I, however, have no issue staring someone down in the bathroom in order to ensure that I get a hand dryer.

Good riddance, LHS bathrooms.

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Glory Yount, Staff Writer
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