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‘Stranger Things’ confirmed for season three; please do not make us wait

Summer Ericson, OP-ED Editor

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“Stranger Things” super fans can be at ease knowing that Netflix has officially made the announcement to return the show for a third season. The company announced the plans on Twitter last week.

“FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH!” said the “Stranger Things” account on Twitter in response to questions of a third season. “So hold tight darts – season three is officially happening.”

The news of a third season is not surprising considering the amount of popularity and success that the show has had. According to CNN, the show was nominated for 18 awards at the Emmys and received five of them.

Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in the show, posted an Instagram picture also announcing the news. With a nostalgic photo of Eleven crying, Brown captioned the photo Yooo why you so sad? season three of @Stranger_Things is officially happening… that means more eggos… more kisses… and more crying.”

Netflix has not announced a release date for the third season, so some super fans might find themselves anticipating the day they can binge watch the new third season; super fans like me.

I waited for months for the release of season two and watched the whole season in a week. Now I have to wait for months to see this work of art which I will probably also watch in less than a week. Netflix, it is already cruel enough that you make me wait for months to watch the new seasons and to also tell us that season three is happening, but not when it is happening is just awful. I need this information so I can plan my life around the release of the season. Netflix, please announce the release date because I don’t think I can wait.

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Summer Ericson, OPED Editor
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