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When should Christmas really start?

Photo provided by Google Public Use

Photo provided by Google Public Use

Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer

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There is a lot of controversy of when celebrating the Christmas holiday should begin. There are some people that say the celebration never ends, and others say it should not start until Christmas Eve.

I absolutely love Christmas. Although it is my favorite holiday, I still definitely think there should be a limit on when to get into the Christmas spirit. I think the best time to begin is the day after Thanksgiving. Usually I am all for listening to classic songs like “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas,”  “Let it Snow” and “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” in August, but getting into the spirit completely can wait.

The day after Thanksgiving is a perfect day to get your ugly sweater out of the closet because it also happens to be Black Friday. The madness of gift shopping begins bringing out the joy in everyone. Not only is it the biggest shopping day of the year, it also is barely over a month away from Christmas, so this way the hype will not fade.

Waiting until Thanksgiving is over is also a good idea because you do not want to forget about staying thankful through November. Christmas tends to be the time of year where kids start to

get greedy waiting on presents from Santa, so we want to avoid this as much as possible. We should enjoy and be thankful for Thanksgiving while we can instead of getting ahead of ourselves.

Although the Christmas holiday is truly the most wonderful time of the year, I still believe there is an appropriate time to dedicate yourself completely.

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Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer
Somer Luitjens is a new member of the Statesman.  When Luitjens isn’t sitting in her bedroom watching “Friends,” she’s eating “sketti” with her great friend and teammate, Chloe Crissman. Luitjens is not only a student at LHS, but she also spends her entire year making major “gainz” with the LHS volleyball team. She ain’t “scurred.”...
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