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Why cooking is not an easy activity…or my talent

Riley Rasmussen, Staff Writer

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For some, cooking is a talent. For others, cooking is a hobby. For me, cooking rings off all alarm bells. Cooking is an activity that most people are good at, however I am most definitely not one of those people.

The moment I saw smoke coming from the microwave and opened the microwave to see sizzling, burnt and black food, is the moment I realized cooking is not for me. The moment when I saw handfuls of flour falling off the bottom of homemade pizza in Italy, is the moment I realized cooking is not for me. The moment when I heard a boom in the microwave and opened up the microwave to see noodles splattered everywhere in the microwave, is the moment I realized cooking is not for me. These are not the only moments where cooking did not go well for me. If I were to tell all of my cooking moments, readers might be here a while.

Cooking is something that takes practice and talent. For me, cooking is something that does not come easy. Mixing all the ingredients, making sure all resources are safe for cooking and making sure every step is exactly correct, is not easy. When cooking, there are many directions that are essential to the meal you are preparing. If you make one mistake or do at least half a step wrong, you are done for. The wrong ingredient, wrong measurement or wrong order turns a good meal bad.

I am in awe of the people who are able to make a meal with not a single disaster. Yes, there are some times where my cooking has gone well and perfectly fine, but most of the time…not so much.


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Riley Rasmussen, Photographer
Riley Rasmussen is one of photographers for the Statesman and is a second-year staff member. Outside of the Statesman, she can be found traveling in random spots around the world holding up a camera either taking photos or filming for a new video. Later, she can be found trying to clear out her photo app...
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