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B&G Milkyway is out of this world

B&G Milkyway on 69th and Louise

B&G Milkyway on 69th and Louise

Emily Whitney

Emily Whitney

B&G Milkyway on 69th and Louise

Emily Whitney, News Editor

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On Wed. March 7, the infamous B & G Milkyway on 69th and Louise opened for the season. This announcement came along with a lot of excitement from people hungry for ice cream all around the area.

Not only does the opening mean yummy ice cream, but it also represents the coming of warmer weather. Part of the reason that so many people are excited is because that must mean summer is rapidly approaching. This also correlates with the sadness customers feel when it closes in the fall – meaning winter is nearing.

“I think it’s exciting when they open because it means that Summer is coming!” said senior Anna Boyd.

Since B&G first opened in 1954, not much has changed, including the original 12th street location. At the beginning they served various types of ice cream and hotdogs. Since then, they have expanded both their menu and locations. They now offer ice cream treats such as slushwhips, chipwhiches and more. They offer sloppy joes, BBQ beef, chicken sandwiches and many other food options.

Over the years, B&G Milkyway has perfected its restaurant. With each addition to menu, franchise and staff, it has still remained a favorite place for many in Sioux Falls.

“B&G is so good because they have something for everyone. They have a ton of options and everything is good,” said Boyd. “The workers are very friendly and it’s a fun place to get ice cream and spend time with friends.”

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