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Congressional action: a year in review

Our nations Capitol building

Our nations Capitol building

Our nations Capitol building

Caiden Capaldo, Staff Writer

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When President Trump was elected into office, there was speculation that not much would get done due to clashing beliefs. While some would contribute the synergy of Congress and Trump to their common political party, others would say that the year has been successful due to the positive content of the bills passed. Congress has passed 122 laws and acts within the last year, 28 of which were introduced by democratic senators and representatives.

Some examples of Congress’ activeness include:


  • Promoting women in Entrepreneurship Act
    • This law encourages women to take a more prominent role in the business world and not just in the lab. This law also was the first law proposed and passed by a democratic Representative of the house. This is a big deal because the majority of Congress is ruled by republicans, meaning that more conservative agendas will be the norm.


  • Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017
    • This act enables Meteorologists to intentionally prioritize their studies of the weather. This legislature allows scientists who study the weather to directly benefit from their data-gathering techniques because the government will be managing the funds that are granted to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).



  • United States Fire Administration, AFG, and SAFER Program Reauthorization Act of 2017
    • This program influences communities to educate citizens and firefighters on how to use fire-safety equipment, such as a fire truck and fire hydrant. This too is a re-enactment of an already passed law, yet it amplifies the importance of being educated on how to prevent house fires.

The action within the last year has proven impressive. Congress has shown itself to be capable of completing much, and begs to ask what will happen in the next year. Perhaps the only thing to do is to maintain a positive attitude and to continue being an informative citizen of a global community.


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Caiden Capaldo, Staff Writer
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