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Dakota Snow is back and running

Photo by Molly Faris

Photo by Molly Faris

Molly Faris, Staff Writer

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Despite the cold weather, a sign of spring and summer is apparent now that Dakota Snow is open for the season. Dakota Snow is a food truck that travels to different parking lots throughout the warmer seasons, selling a variety of summer desserts.

Dakota Snow serves everything from shaved ice to rolled ice cream to cookie dough. They are most known for their shaved ice.

“[I love their shaved ice] because the ice is much softer compared to regular snow cones, and there is good ratio between ice and juice,” said junior Anika Jensen. “The flavor lasts until the very last sip, which is nice because normally I just drink the juice right away and then I am just left with the ice.”

Another quality about Dakota Snow is that they offer a wide range of flavors to choose from. They have a list of flavors already made up, but there is an option to create your own flavor, which makes it flexible for everyone.

On April 6, Dakota Snow officially opened their food truck at Robert Frost Elementary. Jensen was out and waiting in their parking lot before they even opened.

“When I heard that Dakota Snow was opening, I was looking forward to Friday (April 6) all week long,” said Jensen. “I went and sat in the parking lot at 5:55 p.m. because they opened at 6 p.m. I really wanted to get their shaved ice, but because it was so cold outside, I decided to try their new edible cookie dough. It was filling and delicious.”

This small business has only been up and running since 2016, so some people are still unaware of this place. However, now that spring is in season (well sort of), this is the perfect excuse to go out and try it. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @DakSnowSD for updates on where and when they will be set up for the day.

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