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DTSF trolley services are up and running

photo by Jon Platek

photo by Jon Platek

Taylor Ericson, Staff writer

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A recent announcement has been made that despite the termination of trolley services in Sioux Falls back in April of 2018, they are to be up and running again this summer. This is very good news to those who enjoy using the trolley while spending a day in DTSF.

The trolley services were said to close this summer because of the lack of funding in the Sioux Falls community for this particular mean of transportation. This sparked the attention of three business in SF: Lewis Drug, Sanford Health and Howalt + Mcdowell. These companies together donated $250,000 in order to keep the trolley up and running until 2022, according to The Argus Leader.

“For us at Sanford, we look at workforce development,” said Stacy Wrightsman, director of public affairs for Sanford Health. “We know how important downtown is to that quality of life. The trolley is one of those amazing pieces of the downtown—it’s got its own personality and culture.”

The source of funding is not the only aspect that has been altered, the cost per ride has changed as well. For those over 12 years old, it will cost $2 to ride the trolley, a double in the previous price of $1. But if one is under 12 years old, they are in luck, because they can ride the trolley for free.

The downside of the change in trolley services is that they will only be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with varying hours. This is a very drastic change from the previous schedule in which the trolley was available Monday through Saturday.

Despite the changes that the DTSF trolley service has undergone, there is no doubt that it is a vital piece to the history and culture of downtown.


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Taylor Ericson, Staff Writer
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