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Easter Fools

Amy M. Lane

Amy M. Lane

Lily Becker, Staff Writer

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Every year on April 1, many families and friends decide to prank each other with silly gags. Although this year there is a bit of a twist, it is going to be Easter which will bring families together causing more pranks to happen.

With April coming up, there is time to prepare for the best prank to pull. Some easy ideas to prank your family with are:

  • Attach an air horn to the bottom of a chair.
  • Put fake insects laying around the house.
  • Put Gatorade as Windex and drink it.
  • Fake breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Fill a floor full of cups of water.

Except with April Fools, we cannot forget about the Holiday Easter. With each prank pulled, try to have an Easter theme to it so the holiday spirit can carry on. Here are some fun Easter pranks to pull:

  • Cake pops are delicious on Easter, but a funny twist would be to Insert a stick into the brussel sprout, dip in melted chocolate, and add some sprinkles on top and see how much family you can trick!
  • Wrap grapes in candy wrappers and put in plastic eggs as if it’s candy.
  • Jelly Beans in the toilet with a note that the Easter Bunny forgot to flush.
  • Glue eggs shut.

There still are a couple weeks left to prepare for April Fools. Many people who pull pranks can get noticed by celebrities such as Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel or you could become Twitter famous if you get a hilarious reaction.

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