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How to survive sophomore year

Caelyn Taylor, Journalism Student

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For the freshman that barely got by their first year, which is evidently most of you; it gets easier. This does not mean you can get by with the bare minimum, but in most student’s belief, the workload is far less your sophomore year.

“This year has been easier for me because you know what to expect. I now know what I can get by with and what I can’t,” said 10th grader Emily Hall.

It is stereotypical that your sophomore year at LHS is easiest, which I believe is true. So for those struggling, here is what you need to keep in mind:

  1. Do not take too many AP classes. It is never a good idea to overwork yourself, but rather challenge yourself. There IS a difference between overworking and working hard. Taking too many AP classes can burn you out, especially as a sophomore. I would say it is safe to take a maximum of one or two this year.
  2. You are not as cool as you think. Just because you are now not the youngest class in the school, does not make you better. Remember that.
  3. Just get your freaking work done. Pay attention and work hard in class so that you will find yourself doing less work at home. You are less likely to fall behind or find yourself confused. It sucks in the moment but you will thank yourself later.
  4. Get involved. I know everyone has always seemed to be telling you this, but it really is important. Making sure you stay connected with people is extremely important. Some of my best moments of high school so far have came from different clubs and programs I have joined along my way.
  5. This is the year you start thinking out of high school, rather the years beyond it. College. Most juniors go on college visits and even commit to where they want to attend. It can be really scary, but it is better to start thinking about it now, rather than everything all at once next year. Keep in mind some schools you could possibly want to go to.

Though I could go on and on forever, just make sure to ultimately work hard your sophomore year. Yes it is easier, but you still need to work. Getting your homework done and in on time is still just as important as it was your first year. So freshman, I hope you read this thoroughly and good luck. You’ll need it.

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