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Junior Treiber lighting up the O-line market

Grant Treiber

Grant Treiber

Oliver Lockwood-Powell, Sports Editor

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For years, South Dakota has had only a few players draw the attention of big name schools. Names that come to mind: The notorious Farniok brother from WHS, Chad Greenway, 2017 SD POY winner Seth Benson and now enter the 6’7” monster Grant Treiber.

Treiber’s athletic ability and size has captured the attention of many different schools. The already two-year starter for the Pats has now entered the recruiting process, getting ready for the next four years of his life at the collegiate level.

“I currently have offers from the University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, the University of South Dakota, South Dakota State University and Iowa State,” said Treiber. “I am also getting looked at by the University of Oregon, Notre Dame and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

Not only is this impressive, but expected as well. Through visits and tours of these highly regarded and well-respected schools, Treiber has shown what he is made of. Starting at tackle for LHS, Treiber has shown just how big of a field bully he can be, knocking over opponent’s D-linemen and linebackers left and right.

“I love the competition aspect of football,” said Treiber. “I love the mentality of physically moving someone across from you against their will.”

His passion and love for the game is second to none and it continues to prove why he is one of the best in the state in his respected position.

As the list of interested schools is sure to increase, Treiber will look to help LHS in future success next year, his senior year, and continue to add on to his resume. What is in store for his future is something that only he knows, but one thing is for sure; Treiber will look to create a legacy for himself and put South Dakota on the map.


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Oliver Lockwood-Powell, Sports Editor
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