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Kongratulations Kylie

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

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On February 1st, Kylie Jenner welcomed her own baby girl into the world at 4:43pm. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are both first-time parents and they are excited about raising a child together.

It is hard to believe that one person could overpower the craze of the Super Bowl, as Kylie announced the birth of her daughter on the same day as the Super Bowl, Feb. 4th, but Kylie Jenner did just this. The birth announcement made the world blow-up.

This already incredibly famous baby girl, was 8lb and 9oz. Kylie Jenner announced her birth by posting a “To Our Daughter” tribute video on YouTube, on her channel.  This video already has over 28 million views, and it is #1 trending on YouTube.

Kylie is at the young age of 20, and Travis is only 25 years-old, but they are both thrilled upon the arrival of their new baby girl. They have not announced her name yet, but she already has a better wardrobe then most of us do.

Kylie’s sister, Kim Kardashian also just had a baby girl, with her husband, Kanye West. Chicago, Kim’s newest daughter, will be in close age of Kylie’s daughter. Not to mention, Khloe Kardashian, another sister, is giving birth soon, as well.

It may seem silly to be excited over a birth of a baby that has absolutely no correlation to you, but it is thee Kylie Jenner and it’s her baby so of course the world freaked out.  
Check out Kylie’s birth announcement for yourself on YouTube: 

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Brita Quello, Staff Writer
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