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LHS track star Ryley Heier; walking on D1 Track

Photo provided by image masters

Photo provided by image masters

Kate Fehrs, Staff Writer

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LHS track star Ryley Heier decided to walk on to run track at the University of Nebraska. Heier’s outstanding work ethic and abilities are no doubt going to be a great addition to their track team.

Heier made her high school track career one to remember. She excelled in the 300-meter hurdles event and the triple and long jump. Being state champion in the triple jump, placing second place in the long jump and third in the 300-meter hurdles at the 2017 state track meet is a glimpse of the type of athlete she is. Heier, having such high placings at top meets, has what it takes to run D1.

“My high school track experience was awesome, so I decided to give it a shot in college,” said Heier.

Heier knew that she wanted to try track in college but was not sure where at. Once she finally decided she wanted to go to Nebraska, she then also decided to walk on to run track.

For many, transitioning from a high school sport to a college D1 sport is not the easiest thing. The atmosphere changes into a whole different level. But, the skills Heier has and the coaching she has experienced will make the transition a little bit easier.

“I am most excited about the new people I will meet through the track team,” said Heier.


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Kate Fehrs, Staff Writer
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