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Minneapolis Miracle: Another existential crisis story

Timothy Stolp, Staff Writer

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Millions turned on their TV this weekend to see Stefon Diggs making the now infamous play dubbed the “Minneapolis Miracle.” I was not one of the millions, but I most certainly felt its miraculous effect in a less-than-miraculous way: self-doubt.

The future is terrifying. High school has no shortage of moments designed to spark fear in students over the fact that everything is going to happen disturbingly quick. Thus, when I saw my life flash before my eyes as I watched the news reel footage of the Minneapolis Miracle, I blurted abruptly, “The answer is C.” Looking at my confused sister, I realized I was still, in fact, at home. You see, my problem (other than football-induced amnesia) is: Despite my calm and collected exterior as a dignified man, inside I am an obsessive critic of myself.

I am persistently frustrated I am not fully set on a career choice, what answer my teacher wants or the topic for my next Statesman story. Especially in the career aspect, I strive for the absolute best. I want to be the Diggs—no, the literal, human-form of the Minneapolis Miracle in my field.

Very aware of the fact that I am in no way, shape or form, up to being that singular fantastic football play to win the game, I try to give myself a pat on the back here and there to ease the pain. I listen to high school phrases like, “You tried your best,” and “Good job!” which, mind you, are probably the saddest things I’ve ever heard muttered from a teacher’s mouth. Other than, “Actually, the answer’s B: Minneapolis Miracle.”

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Timothy Stolp, Staff Writer
Timothy Stolp is a first-year staff writer as a sophomore at LHS. You might notice Tim has an affinity for cuffed jeans and flannel. When he’s not stressing out over schoolwork, Tim is participating in oral interp at LHS. He also enjoys binge watching Netflix and crying while listening to music. He is Latin American...
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