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My home girl; aka. Indy Blue

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

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Not only is Indy Blue a true queen, but she is everyone’s “Insta Mom.” Every day I look forward to seeing where Indy takes us next in the world, while admiring her caption game.

Blue is not just some Instagram travel-blogger, she has a sense of humor and is relatable. When it comes to Blue, so many applaud her because she keeps it real. She realizes she lives a pretty “dope” life, but she shares it with others, while not trying to be perfect. Some travel-bloggers try to make their life seem perfect so everyone is jealous; this is not Blue’s vibe.

“Indy is the rising famous girl, but she acts and seems like she is your best friend even though you don’t personally know her,” said sophomore Morgan McDonnel. “I feel like I can relate to her.”

Blue not only kills it on every continent, but she does it with style and respect.  As Blue once said, “When your so fresh that the flowers stop to smell you.” (iconic, right?) With Blue’s vibe and forever-mood, who can’t fall in love with her? Long story short, Blue and I are practically best friends, as of right now because, guess what? You won’t believe it! Blue snapped me, Brita Quello, bq, the daughter of Nathan and Susan. Some may ask yourself, why would I care? Well, um, to answer that, we are talking about Indy Blue here so…

Anyway, Blue, thank you for being such a saucy fun girl that lives life with care-free intentions.

Disclaimer: If this gets posted on Indy Blue’s Instagram story about how some crazy fan girl wrote about her, then there will be a follow up story. But, if we are keeping it real, that won’t happen cause, honey, this is Indy Blue we are talking about! Indy if you are reading this, I love you forever and always. Also, let’s go to Bali together next time, while we chase our dreams in good clothes!

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Brita Quello, Staff Writer
Brita Quello just joined the Statesman staff this year, as a sophomore. Outside of the Statesman, she plays tennis and spends time with friends. To add to that, she is one of the many people that devotes her spare time to Netflix, throughout the week. At the moment, she is watching “Friends” and “Glee”…for all...
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