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Open houses make me sick: literally and figuratively

Emily Whitney, News Editor

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Open houses are all fun and games until the weekend of June 1 rolls around. Personally, I have been to around 30 open houses so far and that doesn’t include some of the ones I had to miss due to scheduling conflicts (other parties). As a senior, the invites received are never ending through Facebook, mailed invites, or those tear-offs that inevitably end up in the trash. The hard part that goes along with all of these invites is making it to each one to avoid hurting someone’s feelings (even though they probably wouldn’t even notice). This feat is going to be nearly impossible this coming weekend; the seniors graduate and the open house schedule is more intense than ever before.

One of the absolute best aspects of graduation parties is the free food. I hope anyone can agree with that. Yet another thing that is all fun and games until you get to the point where puking would honestly be a better feeling than what you feel after eating 20 different meals. Nearly every single party has some sort of dessert, as well; by the end, your chance of getting diabetes by the time you are 30 skyrockets. Everyone loves a cupcake now and then, but eating constant sugar over the course of a weekend is enough to make you gag at even the sight of a cookie crumb.

Despite the overwhelming full feeling, the most aggravating part of the experience is the schedule. On one of the most popular days to have an open house, there are also popular times within that day meaning there are many overlapping parties and making it to all of them is a struggle that cannot be compared to anything else. Driving to all of the different locations throughout the day is enough to drain the gas tank and the newly raised prices make everything worse.

Don’t get me wrong, despite the few annoying aspects of open houses, they are overshadowed by the great atmosphere and the reason for the season. Being able to see friends and socialize at each party makes it all worth it. The time, effort and money that each person puts into their party shows and every part should be greatly appreciated and noticed. So just remember, if you find yourself getting sick of stomach aches, driving or hectic schedules, this will be the very last time you can experience these with your closest friends, so enjoy it while you can!

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