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Redskin’s cheerleading scandal

Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer

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The Washington Redskins are in major trouble surrounding a recent article written by the New York Times. In this article, details of a team sponsored trip to Costa Rica were exposed. During the trip, team cheerleaders were supposedly forced to pose topless for a calendar shoot and some were even forced to pose completely naked. The Redskins invited male spectators such as Fedex Field suit owners and VIP donors to spectate the photoshoot.

The horror of the trip does not stop there. Once the cheerleaders returned to their hotel rooms, a total of nine girls were selected by team sponsors to accompany them as personal escortes to a nearby nightclub. It has not been fully revealed on what all happened at the night club but one can imagine.

“So get back to your rooms and get ready,” said a director to the nine selected cheerleaders. Many of them began crying and sobbing. Some might ask the question, “Why didn’t they just leave?” Well, upon their arrival to Costa Rica, all of the cheerleaders passports were confiscated by team personnel.   

Yet possibly the scariest detail of the trip is the fact that all of this was supported and supervised by the Redskins organization. Despite Redskins owner Dan Snyder not being there, both senior VP, Lon Rosenberg and the president of business operations, Dennis Greene, were.

Because of this trip the Redskins are facing multiple different lawsuits. Fans have also been able to see a very obvious misogynistic culture that has become evident under Dan Snyder’s time as owner. For the Redskins, this is not the first issue they have faced backlash. Last year the team took heat surrounding their mascot. For the Redskins it is just another occurence of making the news for all the wrong reasons.

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Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer
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