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Sioux Falls restaurants coming to an end

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Photo provided by Google Public Image

Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer

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It was a sad ending for any restaurant goers to wrap up the year. Near the end of December, both Bracco World Cafe and Island Bar along with the Starz sports bar announced that they are going to close at the end of the year on Dec. 31.

There was not much information given about the closings of these two restaurants. The owners would not make any further comments besides the confirmation of the closings. Many regulars and loyal customers wanted answers and no one really knows the truth behind it all.

Both Bracco World Cafe along with the Starz sports bar are owned by TNT Hospitality which also owns the restaurant Spezia. Both restaurants are located in The Bridges at 57th shopping center and were both commonly known places in Sioux Falls. There were many theories made about these recent closings because they are owned by the same company. Since there was very little information let out about these restaurants, many people are making their own conclusions.

“I think one of the most logical reasons that these restaurants were closed down was probably because they got bought out by a bigger company,” said junior Keenan Metzger. “I am really going to miss Bracco, I used to eat there all the time.”

Bracco World Cafe was opened in 2006 and was known for there island-themed concept. They would feature tropical-style drinks along with island-themed food which had great ratings everywhere.

Starz sports bar opened about six years after Bracco in 2012 and was known for its retro sports-themed atmosphere along with its great American sports foods. Starz also had very good ratings in Sioux Falls and will definitely be missed.

Although both these restaurants are going to missed by regulars and many other restaurant goers in Sioux Falls, it will be exciting to see what will be done with the buildings in the future. 

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Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer
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