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Spuds finds his fur-ever family

Photo by Sioux Falls Area Humane Society staff

Photo by Sioux Falls Area Humane Society staff

Photo by Sioux Falls Area Humane Society staff

Jenna Becker, Staff Writer

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Adopting a dog from the humane society is always exciting. Adopters get to welcome the newest member of their family, and the dogs are happy to have someone to love. This seems typical, but a recent adoption was anything but.

Spuds is a lovable terrier-mix, and the longest resident of the Sioux Falls Humane Society to date. All of the staff fell in love instantly when he showed up at the shelter almost a year ago, and were ready to help him show others the great dog he was inside.

Though some may have been worried about his tough exterior, they saw their initial judgments were completely wrong when they spent time with the dog whose favorite activities include long walks, butt scratching and cuddling up in a blanket when it gets too cold. He may have come from a rough past, but everyone who knew this pup-at-heart vouged for his sweet, gentle character. After 243 days in his extended stay at the shelter, some adopters saw all of his great qualities and decided to welcome Spuds into their family.

Members of the shelter staff were overjoyed when they hear the news, happy for their favorite dog to be loved outside the shelter as much as he was inside. They shared a post on social media to celebrate his adoption, and showed an excited Spuds running to see his new family and excited to start his second chance at life outside of the shelter.

After 234 days at the shelter SPUDS has found his forever home. We’re not crying, you are,” said the Sioux Falls Humane Society in their posts.

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Jenna Becker, Staff Writer
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