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Sweet treats and serenading tunes

Photo provided by Ellie Lamberty

Photo provided by Ellie Lamberty

Ellie Lamberty, Meet the Varsity editor and Staff writer

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Some might say a combination of delicious desserts and tasty voices is the best way to spend a Thursday night. 

LHS has always been the school known for their impressive fine arts programs, the LHS choir included. They recently went on a trip to Charleston, SC, and everywhere they went they were applauded for their efforts. As the year comes to an end, the LHS choir group held their annual dessert show. It showcases the various singing groups at LHS, and each group has their own interesting twist to bring to the table. Not to mention it had tables full of cheesecakes, cakes and various other delicious desserts which was nothing to complain about.

The dessert show began with all ensembles and finished with the concert choir. Not to forget all the groups in between, the Chamber Choir, Sotto Voce, Bel Canto, Canto Fertelli, Cliff Avenue Singers and Cantare all showcased their impressive talents and wooed the audience with their vocals. The larger groups circled the room, which created an interesting listening element most performances have not had before. The smaller groups remained on stage, but each group had their own twist on the songs. Each group seemed to have a slower song, and an upbeat song with a fun element to it whether it be scarfs, sunglasses or James bond gloves and drink trays.

Senior, Katrina Kramer’s grandmother, Jackie Kramer, was very pleased with the performance, as her two granddaughters were both part of the show. Kat also danced during the show with three other members of the ensembles.  

“The best part of the show was seeing my granddaughter sing songs from ‘Wicked,’” said Kramer. “I get to watch her dance at other shows, but this is the only time I get to see her sing.”

Bob Grimm and Lance Luitjens also enjoyed the show and were enthralled by the talent of the students.

“I thought the show was fantastic,” said Grimm. “I really enjoyed the singing around the room. I think the first time they did that was in a church in Savannah, and it’s pretty fantastic.”

Luitjens also felt the performance was a great end to his Thursday.

“There’s nothing like finishing a stressful day with this,” said Luitjens.  

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