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The Bachelor recap: week six

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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer

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I have come to my wits end with this show. As much as I was annoyed with Krystal’s character and behavior, I have a soft spot for her in my heart. Well, that is a lie but I do appreciate her dramatics. She reminds me a lot of Corinne from Nick’s season. She, like Krystal, was the one girl everyone hated. However, as the season develops and emotions heighten, it lacks comedic relief. Corinne and Krystal provided that sanctuary where you knew they would never win, but for the short while they were on the show, they made you laugh and, often times, be frustrated.

I will keep this week’s recap fairly short because aside from Krystal’s departure, it was bland. There were two one-on-one dates, a group date and a two-on-one date.

The first one-on-one includes Lauren B. who really reminds me of Lauren Bushnell from Ben’s season. The date is as interesting as watching paint dry. The couple walks around Paris barely speaking to each other. The only moment to note is when, at dinner, Arie reveals he was in a past relationship where the woman was pregnant with his child and lost the baby while Arie was off racing. Upon return, Arie was told to move out. Wow, what a turn of events. All that I could notice throughout his monologue, was how little emotion Arie has. He spoke of that event as if he had merely stubbed his toe. Lauren B. got the date rose.

Next we have the group date. A Moulin Rouge themed date specifically designed for Arie’s pleasure. How many date must go one involving the girls wearing skimpy outfits? A guy tells me to put on a sequined thong and bra and I would run for the hills. After a short date and cocktail party, Bekah gets the rose.

Now we have the much anticipated two-on-one date. Kendall and Krystal head off to a French chateau and promenade around the grounds. Arie mistakes a lute for a ukulele, and I still cannot tell if he was joking or if he really is that dumb. The date continues and Krystal proceeds in her conniving manners. Sweetening Arie up and then telling him how unready for marriage Kendall is. Kendall confronts Krystal about this deceit and speaks deep to her soul, shaking Krystal to the core. At the dinner date Kendall is handed the rose and Krystal is sent packing.

It is sad really. You do not appreciate things until they are gone. I will forever miss Krystal’s prostitute voice and her scheming attitude.

Finally we have Jacqueline’s first one-on-one. Arie and her go shopping and out to dinner. Your typical run of the mill date. Jacqueline’s hair is flawless and huge her only issue, for Arie at least, is that she wants to get her Ph.D. which means another six years of school. Seriously what is with all of these extremely impressive women going for such an unsuccessful man as Arie. Jacqueline gets the rose.

Jenna and Chelsea follow Krystal home.

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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer
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