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The Bachelor review: night two

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Chloe Crissman, Staff Writer

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Week two starts off with a one-on-one date with Arie Luyendyk and Becca K., a publicist from Minneapolis, MN. The two ride off on his motorcycle to his house where fashion designer Rachel Zoe awaits. Rachel brings in a clothes rack full of her latest designs all for Becca to choose from for tonight’s date. You can tell there is an instant connection between Becca and Luyendyk, but the icing on the cake is when he gifts Becca her very own Louboutins to keep. This is unreal. Then as if the day can’t get any better, one of Neil Lane’s men walks down and presents the happy couple with a briefcase full of beyond amazing jewelry. Soooo how old do you have to be to enter “The Bachelor” because I’m tryna get some designer apparel.

Long story short Becca gets the date rose and makes a good connection with Luyendyk. All in all, a heavy win.

On to another one-on-one date, with Krystal. A little background on Krystal-her brother has been homeless for the past two years and all of her family’s efforts to help him have failed. This prompted her to start helping others through giving food and necessities to homeless people around the San Diego area. Whatta gal. I predict she makes it to at least the final six. Let’s hope she doesn’t prove me wrong.

On their date, Luyendyk and Krystal take a private jet to his hometown in Scottsdale, AZ. He shows her the first place he worked, where he got his first kiss, his high school and his actual home. It’s only their first date and he’s taking her to his house, you’ve got to respect his game. Don’t worry, nothing happens, except for the ridiculously adorable showing of Luyendyk’s childhood videos. This relationship went 1-100 real quick as the couple moves on to Luyendyks parent’s house to meet his parents and his brother and sister-in-law. The date concludes with a nice, romantic dinner back in Los Angeles at the Bradbury hotel and an impromptu concert from Connor Duermit.

Finally we get to the main event, the group date. 15 girls. One man. Demolition derby cars. What could go wrong? Five minutes into the date and Annaliese is sobbing because of some PTSD from when she played bumper cars and got trapped when she was 15. “I just remember being so alone and so scared.” Classic. The girls destroyed each other in their cars and in the end Sienne was the derby champ allowing her some extra one-on-one time as a reward.

The group date dinner party is fairly uneventful other than Bibiana’s meltdown after she doesn’t get enough time with Luyendyk. It’s the same old story every single season. One girl is too scared to go talk to Luyendyk herself so she makes herself the victim. But on a positive note Bekah, my girl, impresses Luyendyk so much he tells her “when he’s around her he just can’t stop smiling”. Thankfully Sienne gets the group date rose over Chelsea.

The episode ends with the cocktail party and a rose ceremony and once again Bekah impresses me with her poignant line, “I’m simple, no drama and easy to please.” Dream woman.

Update: She proved me wrong.  I was a little disappointed with Krystal’s tenacity during the cocktail party. She stole Luyendyk twice from other women even though she already has a rose. Just sit back and drink your champagne, Krystal. Please stop talking about how smitten you are. I really hope she doesn’t make it farther than another three weeks.

During the rose ceremony Jenny, Valerie and Lauren G. went home.

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