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The fault in our senior photos

Elisa Riva

Elisa Riva

Ethan Kolb

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As the season of senior photo Sunday, #SPS, comes around, it is time to dust off the thinking cap and find the best places for the most unique photo to show off. Everyone knows and, well, ‘loves’ South Dakota, but the state is given some credit for its beautiful landscapes and golden sunlight that shines down onto the senior class for the photos.

Locals know of the dreaded Tut Hill upper garden. It is the repetition of being in front of the tree, hands on the same white arch, it gets boring and dreadful. Yet some of the most popular locations can lead to the most unique photos when taken from the ideal angle. Aside from Tut Hill another popular location is Downtown, Sioux Falls. With a variety of locations, it allows for more unique photos to be taken.  

Downtown has many diamonds in the rough that can be used for senior photos. Starting with the most popular location with the help of Instagram, the blue mural on the side of Mama’s Phried & Phillys located at 10th Street and Mall Avenue has become a very popular location to get that snapshot with a little flare.

Another location downtown includes yet another Instagram favorite, the staircase behind Mama’s Ladas located off of 11th Street in the alley way.

The next location is the Outdoor Campus. Entirely surrounded by nature, the Campus offers a diversity of backgrounds for the perfect picture

From the natural plain of the Outdoor Campus, a journey is taken to the mystical and romantic Japanese Gardens. With many tones of Japanese culture it quickly became a photography hotspot.

Stone archway at Japanese Garden

Leaving behind  the beautiful Japanese composition and design, the next stop is Arrowhead Park. With the strong South Dakota heritage, it is the perfect place to have senior photos taken when someone is looking for the home feel of their state.

The barn from Arrowhead parkway

With the pending doom of having to take senior photos, there are many factors such as the perfect time, season and weather, outfits and even makeup. But with knowing the location one is able to get the perfect photo. With all that in mind, good luck.


Ethan Kolb, Feature Editor
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