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“The story of Adidon” Pusha T releases his diss track

Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer

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Drake is one of the most well-known rappers of the 21st century, from his radio hits such as “Hotline Bling” to his multi platinum albums “More Life” or “Take Care,” it’s easy to say Drake has made a name for himself in the rap industry. With his newest album “Scorpion” dropping sometime in June Drake has been laying low in his home country of Canada. Drake who is known for being outgoing and sometimes a tad obnoxious has managed to stay off news channels and being the main conversation at the dinner table, until this week.

In rap many times different artists do not get along. This is the case for Drake and another big name rap artist Pusha T. Like all rappers, the two of them decided to settle their beef the only way they knew how, by dropping diss tracks directed at each other.

Drake released his diss track at Pusha T earlier in the week. The track had mixed reactions, some say it was very good while others think that it lacked the usual Drake flair. In the diss track Drake talked about how Pusha T is washed up and brought up Pusha-T’s fiancee.

Pusha T responded with a diss track of his own that dropped a few days after Drake’s. The track was absolutely fire. Pusha T rapped about how Drake is a liar and Pusha-T even revealed that Drake might have a child that he is hiding. Pusha T even went as far as making fun of Drake’s producer “40” who is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis which causes him to have hunch in his back. Many think the bar was a shot below the belt.

“OVO 40 hunches over like he’s 80/ Tick, tick, tick/ How much time he got,” said Pusha T.   

It is pretty easy to say that Pusha T won the first round of this rap battle, but it will be fun to see how Drake responds.

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Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer
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