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V2: what happened?

Dom Hofmann

Dom Hofmann

Lily Becker, Staff Writer

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At the beginning of December, many hearts glowed while they glanced over a brief photo with the letter V and the number 2 side by side on a light mint green background. That is when Dom Hoffman posted a tease of what he claimed to be the new “Vine.” Hoffman spoke about how it would be similar to Vine but different in its own way. Although, it has been about six months now and there still has been no release.  

“I remember seeing a post about it and I was really excited because I miss the old Vine,” said junior Elizabeth Severence. “It’s kind of disappointing that nothing has come out yet.”

The creators of “V2” had said they were going to release the app in early March, but it may come later depending on how well the production is. They announced that the app can be downloaded from the App Store, Play Store or even on a PC at home. Sadly, this app was nowhere to be found, until recently Hoffman decided to share another announcement that was not as exciting.

I’ve made the very difficult decision of postponing the V2 project for an indefinite amount of time,” Hoffman announced.

He received many disappointed emails, DM’s and calls following this announcement He continued to try and comfort his fans by apologizing for the delay.

Hoffman was planning on making “V2” a personal funding project to please not only himself, but those who were upset with the downfall of “Vine” in the first place. Except, he continued to explain that “V2” is a much bigger project then what he expected. With all the details he wants to be apart of “V2” he is going to need a much bigger team.

Long story short, in order for this to release, the “V2” project needs to operate as a company with correct external funding, probably from many investors.

The creators of “Vine” told fans that they were going to allow the release of their first version of “V2” but they thought instead of sending out a “not-totally-ready app” that they would hope their fans would be patient enough for upcoming versions so that they can provide a even better app for their fans. This seems to be a lot more work though and even though they said the release would be indefinite, meaning it could take awhile except it would happen, can their fans be entirely sure that they are going to even release an app?

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