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What it is like to be single/in a relationship for Valentine’s day

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens

Chloe Crissman and Somer Luitjens

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Single – Somer Luitjens

The day has come where no matter where you look or where you are, you are going to see those super happy couples making it obvious that they are in a relationship and you are not. You guessed it, it’s Valentine’s Day.

Being single on Valentine’s Day might be one of the most annoying and frustrating traumas to go through. All I want to do is walk to my classes without seeing couples holding hands and giving each other little gifts while I remembered that the only present I would receive would be one from myself. As I am going about my everyday activities like going through Snapchat stories or scrolling through my Instagram feed, I can almost guarantee that every picture I see is of another happy couple celebrating the holiday dedicated to love. I just love seeing captions like, “I am one lucky girl!” and “So grateful to have him as my Valentine.” I mean seriously, I get it. You are happy and in love and I am single.

As my night went on, I decided to buy myself some assorted heart-shaped chocolates. What better way to end Valentines Day, then by turning on the best love story of all time, “The Notebook,” and spending time with my dog? Overall, even if you are not spending your Valentine’s Day in a relationship, there is always a way to make the the most of the day . Find yourself a good friend and a dog, and I promise you will have a good day.


In A Relationship – Chloe Crissman

This was my first Valentine’s Day spent with a boyfriend and let me just say, he knocked it out of the park. We went out for dinner and watched a movie at his house. He bought me two albums, which I adore, and some chocolate. My boyfriend went all out on a homemade card too (that was sarcasm, he wrote “Happy V-Day!  You’re the best!” on a piece on white paper with black pen).

One thing I have learned from the extravaganza that is Valentine’s Day is guys are REALLY hard to shop for. For girls it is the easiest thing in the world. You could buy a girl jewelry, clothes, perfume, makeup, chocolates, flowers or an entire litter of puppies. It really does not matter. Girls are not picky. But for guys it is like, “Maybe he’ll like socks. Or should I get him a new car?” There is no in between ( P.S. sorry guys that want a new car, I am taken). I opted for the classic Patagonia pullover and my absent-minded-self forgot a card. Don’t worry babe, I’ll go all out for your birthday.

Regardless of the struggle for finding the perfect gift, Valentine’s Day is about one thing: love. You do not have to be in a relationship to enjoy February 14. Show love to those around you and show love to yourself. #treatyo’self.

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