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What’s next for OBJ

Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer

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With the NFL offseason heating up, owners are eager to add and sign new players to their team. Many high name players such as Nadomican Suh and  Jarvis Landry, have already signed new contracts with different teams, but there is one player that fans and sports analyst alike are unsure where he will sign.

That player is all star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham played his last season with the New York Giants, where he was the main source of their offense. Despite Beckham having a decent season stats wise, the Giants failed to win games and it is said that Beckham wants out of New York.

Teams that could potentially land Beckham include the L.A. Rams and the Cleveland Browns. The Giants have said that they will think about trading Odell for at least two first-round picks. For the Rams, they have picks to trade and with a strong addition to their defense in Nadomican Suh, the addition of Beckham could be enough to make a strong playoff run in the upcoming season. Like the Rams, the Browns also had a strong offseason, signing former Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor and former Dolphins wide out Jarvis Landry. Landry and Beckham used to be teammates in college and have remained friends upon entering the league. This friendship could be enough to pull Beckham to Cleveland.

At the current time the Rams are the main contenders to trade for Beckham, but this does not mean anything is guaranteed. Beckham is scheduled to meet with the Giants head office and other teams in the near future.

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Hunter Merkley, Staff Writer
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