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Brita Quello, Staff Writer

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Last month, I took it upon myself to write a needed story on the icon, Indy Blue. On April 29, my forever dreams came true.

If we flashback to my last story on Indy Blue, you would notice my disclaimer, specifically stating, “If this gets posted on Indy Blue’s Instagram story about how some crazy fan girl wrote about her, then there will be a follow up story. But, if we are keeping it real, that won’t happen cause, honey, this is Indy Blue we are talking about! Indy if you are reading this, I love you forever and always. Also, let’s go to Bali together next time, while we chase our dreams in good clothes!”

And guess what…you will not believe it…you will not be able to comprehend it…drumroll please…are you ready? It was posted on thee Indy Blue’s Instagram story. Crazy, I know right? I am stilling processing this legendary outcome. I am also struggling with the fame that has come with it, although I am going to continue to stick to my roots, and not go all Miley Cyrus. I am so grateful that I got to  share this journey with you, the online Statesman readers. You are the real ones.

I would like to thank my parents for raising me to be the girl I am today and Mrs. Kroeze for giving me this platform. Indy Blue, my forever Insta. Mom, thank you the most for telling me you love me and sharing my story with the world. You are an angel.

If I was able to make my dreams come you, you can do it too. The world is your oyster. Shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars. You can do anything. Failing is good.

Finally, dear India Blue, you are an icon that has impacted my life greatly. Continue on with the fine caption game, and continue to travel the world, maybe with me by your side?  Love you much, Brita.

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Brita Quello, Staff Writer
Brita Quello just joined the Statesman staff this year, as a sophomore. Outside of the Statesman, she plays tennis and spends time with friends. To add to that, she is one of the many people that devotes her spare time to Netflix, throughout the week. At the moment, she is watching “Friends” and “Glee”…for all...