Youtuber scandal


Allison Kolling

James Charles currently has 25 million subscribers on YouTube, his main Social Media platform

Allison Kolling, Staff Writer

Well-known beauty guru and social media influencer James Charles has found himself caught in a scandal involving sexting underage fans over Snapchat. In a video posted by Charles this past week titled “holding myself accountable,” he owns up to flirting with two teenage boys. The two boys involved are 16 years old and Charles claims he was made to believe they were 18 years old. This is not the first time Charles has been accused of inappropriate behavior involving underage fans. Charles has had many accusations made against him. Since 2019, he has been accused of grooming young boys and requesting explicit photos multiple times.

In this instance, the two fans have released screenshots as evidence of their conversations with Charles in a video. In the Tik Tok video, posted by Isaiyah13, he shows messages of Charles attempting to flirt with him and requesting images from the young boys. As a comeback to the claim, Charles tweeted that the boy was the one who added him on Snapchat first and began engaging in conversation with him, along with telling Charles he was 18. Charles also points out that when the boy fessed up to being 16, the boy still wanted to pursue a relationship with Charles. 

Though in Charles’ most recent YouTube video, “holding myself accountable” he admits to his wrongdoings in his relationships between him and his fans. Charles confesses that he knows his behavior was reckless and completely unacceptable. Charles claims he looked over the screenshots and specific details of the situations and took responsibility for what he did. Though Charles argues he originally did not know the ages of the boys, he affirmed that moving forward he should always look into fan’s profiles more before engaging in relationships with them. 

Along with losing a large amount of his fan base and support for his mistakes, Charles is also at risk for his partnership with Morphe. Charles has his own eyeshadow palette through Morphe and has put the brand in a tough spot with how they handle their partnership with Charles. Morphe has remained silent on the issues which to fans is almost as bad as taking Charles’ side. Moving forward Charles has jeopardized many of his relationships and partnerships with brands such as Morphe.