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A trip back to the ’90s

Junior, Anika Jensen wearing a velvet top with light wash high-waisted jeans.

Junior, Anika Jensen wearing a velvet top with light wash high-waisted jeans.

Kate Fehrs

Kate Fehrs

Junior, Anika Jensen wearing a velvet top with light wash high-waisted jeans.

Kate Fehrs, Staff Writer

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History repeats itself and so do fashion trends. The ’90s made a huge comeback to 2017 and it is making a big statement.

Walking down the streets of a busy city, it is almost guaranteed at least one ’90s trend will be spotted on a trendy teenager. The ’90s fashion trends are back and better than ever.

It is always a bit weird at first when old trends start to come back in style, because it is so unique and the person almost tends to stand out. But once the old style comes back, everyone is expressing themselves through it.

The ‘90s are known for high-waisted jeans/shorts, velvet, overalls, chokers and denim on denim.

Many can agree that high-waisted jeans/shorts changed the game. Once one goes to high-waisted jeans there really is no going back to low-waisted. High-waisted jeans are overall better looking, they fit in all the places just perfect and comfortable.

Some can pull off the perfect look of overalls and rock it like no other. Distressed overalls with a fashionable top underneath is a very common outfit that is seen. Put on the signature rainbow tee underneath and you are a flashback to the ‘90s.

Denim has always been in and never seems to really go out of style. Denim jackets, denim jeans, denim this and denim that. One can never go wrong with a little bit of denim, right?

These fashion statements will not want to be missed out on. 2017 made a big trip back to the ‘90s and has been loving every bit of it.


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