There are high hopes for Hieber’s future after high school


Photo provided by Evan Hieber

Hieber is high jumping and successfully getting over the bar last year at the Howard Wood Relays track meet.

Anna Brecht, Staff Writer

Evan Hieber is only on his second year of high jump on the LHS track and field team, and has already earned himself a Division 1 scholarship to high jump at SDSU. Debuting his season, Hieber jumped a solid 6 feet and 7 inches, which is his career high. He has stunned many this year by how much he has stepped up his jumping ability, and continues to impress at every track meet.

Hieber seemed to be just as shocked at his jumping abilities as others were, not knowing that he would continue his career beyond high school.

“I started high jumping last year,” said Hieber. “I didn’t think I would ever jump in college until I jumped 6’7” at the SDSU meet.”

The stars were aligned for Hieber’s fate with high jump; LHS high jump coach, Marshell Byrd, attended many basketball games this past year, and Hieber happened to be a member of the basketball team. Impossible to miss Hieber’s jumping abilities, Byrd scouted him for the track and field team right away. It was not surprising to Coach Byrd that the future of LHS high jump lied in Heiber’s hands, now being one of the best high jumpers in the state.

“Marshell Byrd saw me playing basketball and told me that I needed to come high jump with him,” said Hieber.

Just having started it his junior year, track was still able to have a hefty impact on Hieber’s life and his last two years of high school.

“Track has shaped me into a great athlete and helped me make my decision of where I am going to college,” said Hieber. “It has helped me meet a lot of different people, and helped me to become a lot more social during high school.”