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My College Board account showing that I have completed all courses for the year.

A week in the life with no more APs: senior year edition

Madeleine Kemper, Editor-in-Chief June 2, 2021

For those of you who are wondering what AP students do the week before school gets out after AP testing is all over, it is actually extremely boring. Beside the fact that all the pressure has been lifted...

Make sure to volunteer this summer! The community needs your help!

Four places to volunteer this summer

Jada Sandvall, Staff Writer May 26, 2021

Four places to volunteer this summer No matter how old you are or what your interests may be, there are opportunities all around the Sioux Falls area to donate your time and rack up some volunteer hours....

An example of an incredibly beautiful spread at Sara Croghan´s graduation party.

Grad party must haves

Lydia Sarbacker, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

Everyone's favorite time of year is rolling around. Days jam-packed full of food, friends and traveling between numerous parties to celebrate those finishing off their final days of high school. However...

Based off the popular arcade game franchise, 'Mortal Kombat' follows a band of champions chosen to fight for Earth in a ruthless death match.

Mortal Kombat 2021: ‘meh’ with a side of disappointment

Paige Gordon, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

  Fans have long anticipated the release of the newest “Mortal Kombat” movie, and for a while, it seemed the film would never come. Now in 2021, after 26 years of waiting, multiple delays and...

Harvey is hanging in the backyard enjoying his fresh new haircut for the summer.

It’s time for that summer cut

Hannah Cisar, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

Summer days can be very long and get very hot. These days do not only affect people, but dogs too. Many dogs have to stay outside all day while their owners are at work. For the big fluffy dogs like Bernese...

Mr. Foster's summer will include biking 2,655 miles; his goal is 35 miles each day.

Teachers’ summer plans

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer May 24, 2021

Summer break is just a few days away and LHS teachers are more than ready for it. Here are what some teachers are planning to do while enjoying their long-awaited summer break.  Aubrey Windish wants...

After over a year of avoiding large groups, going back to live music is hard to believe and it seems concerts may never be the same.

What to expect from concerts in a post-pandemic world

Emma Forster, Staff Writer May 21, 2021

After a long year and a half of concert cancellations and rescheduling, it seems the return of live music is on the horizon. With new CDC guidelines allowing vaccinated citizens to forgo the wearing of...

The new strip mall in the southwest corner of town includes Starbucks, Capriotti's, Sweet Cheeks and an additional retail space.

Starbucks and Capriotti’s now open at new Sioux Falls strip mall

Chloe Hartje, Perspectives Editor May 21, 2021

As Sioux Falls continues to expand towards Brandon, Harrisburg and other surrounding towns, businesses like Starbucks are growing as well. The newly constructed retail center in the southwest corner of...

One of the most popular requests is that the hand dryers in the girls' bathrooms get updated.

LHS students create “wish list” to improve school

Madeleine Kemper, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2021

Over the last four years, I have had many thoughts about what it would take to make this school a more enjoyable place to come to for 7 hours, 5 days a week. Some of the amenities, so to speak, provided...

A picture of my cousin at the top of Crazy Peak.

Montana’s best spots

Bella Engebretson, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

Montana is definitely underrated and not as popular compared to other states. If you ever get the chance to visit, you should check out these incredible places. You do not want to miss out on these personally...

There are so many delicious sweet treat options in the Sioux Falls area.

Summer’s sweet treats

Claire Brown, Staff Writer May 19, 2021

Summer is filled with sunshine, fun and you cannot forget about all the amazing sweet treats in Sioux Falls.  Sub Zero Sub Zero is a dessert shop in Sioux Falls that has items such as rolled ice...

AP testing season means kids around the world, like myself, get to experience the same unusual mix of emotions.

AP test season reflection

Caleb Hiatt, Sports Editor May 17, 2021

For most students, the end of the school year is a cocktail of conflicting emotions mostly consisting of stress and relief. However, students involved in AP courses get a taste of this before the others....

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