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            Women’s March protestors take to the streets of Washington D.C to stand up for reproductive rights.

Why the Women’s March still matters

Anna Anderson, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

  Nearly a month after a Texas law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy was introduced, this year’s perfectly timed Women’s March took place. On Oct. 2, 2021, nearly five years after...

Hell on Earth: The United States incarceration system

Hell on Earth: The United States incarceration system

Fisher Meyerink, Staff Writer October 13, 2021

There is a place in the U.S where slavery is legal. Where a simple misunderstanding can lead to your death. Where you are practically forced into awful work conditions for pennies an hour. What's worse...

Thank you is one of the most commonly misused phases in the 21st century.

Appreciation in the 21st century

Thompson Wakefield, News Editor October 8, 2021

Imagine finding the perfect gift to give to a loved one for their birthday. You know without a doubt that this will not only be the best gift they get that day, but the best gift that they'll ever receive....

Though this story is satire, the legends of Spook road are still known by locals today

My experience at Spook Road

Veronica Iseminger, Perspectives Editor October 7, 2021

It was only supposed to be some innocent like-minded fun, or that’s what I keep telling myself at least. Unfortunately, the flashbacks and night terrors have yet to wear off. I had first heard of this...

I got a random text from a “stranger.” And since I was bored, I decided to keep responding.

Dear Internet stranger…

Paige Gordon, Staff writer October 6, 2021

I recently received some text messages from a random woman. It seems clear to me from the bad grammar, the excessive accents, and overuse of emojis that this person is a catfish. Yet I still decided against...

According to, 9 out of 10 people with addiction started in their teen years.

The harm in curiosity

Veronica Iseminger, Perspectives editor October 6, 2021

Ever since I was old enough to remember, the idea of using drugs and alcohol had always sounded like some far-off twisted nightmare. In fact, I had heard enough horror stories to scar my innocent mind...

For sustainability to become cheaper, it is a commitment that will not only benefit you but also the planet.

Living sustainably does not mean living more expensive

Ariahna Wells, Staff Writer September 30, 2021

One substantial problem that our world faces and tries to combat today is climate change. A significant cause of this issue is single-use plastics such as plastic bags, plastic water bottles and straws....

Flynn is originally from Washington D.C. until he emigrated to New Zealand to teach political science at the University of Otago in Dunedin.

The intricacies behind the Flynn Effect

Avery Nelson, Staff Writer September 29, 2021

The Flynn Effect, which I was first introduced to in AP Psychology my junior year of high school, can be categorized as something that occurs without awareness from most people. Described in psychology...

Senior captains of the LHS cross country team Hannah Dumansky and Kadin Groen smiling with their Coach, Luke Jelen.

Why run?

Laura Heckenlaible, Staff Writer September 27, 2021

Running; pure bliss or absolute torture just depends on who you ask. The first question I get asked when I tell people I run is always “Why?” Such a simple question yet every time, it stumps me, causing...

“Apart from the usual suspects of exams and grades, stress also comes via the inability to adjust to a life outside your comfort zone and dealing with a new social circle far from your childhood friends and family,” said Imed Bouchrika.

Breaking the ‘good student’ stereotype

Ella Grimm, Staff Writer September 22, 2021

Getting a star at the top of every paper, achieving honors, and having college as the next stepping stone refers to the ideal ‘good student.’ The reality is, it's so much greater than that. Deeming...

Attendees of the Met Gala are usually sponsored by a brand, as a single ticket costs around $35,000.

The 2021 Met Gala and the diversification of the fashion industry

Emma Forster, News Editor September 21, 2021

Each year, The Met Gala marks the opening of the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute’s latest exhibit. The Costume Institute unveiled “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” on Sept. 13, the release...

Former Exxonmobile senior scientist James Black has had a major role in climate change and its perception.

Are we too late?

Fisher Meyerink, Staff Writer September 21, 2021

Yes. Well, pretty much. NASA, National Geographic and The IPCC all agree, we’ve lost. We’re past the threshold for reversing climate change. What we’ve been consistently warned of since 1896 has...

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