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LHS ad room door wars is a fun tradition every homecoming.

LHS homecoming door wars

Taylor Schmitz, Entertainment Editor September 21, 2021

  Slowey’s ad room went all out, using colorful leis against a red background. Not only does the door incorporate crazy colors and textures, but also includes a clever pun to draw attention...

Sickness can oftentimes be paralleled to ones emotional state and experiences

All that I know (Poem)

Veronica Iseminger, Perspectives Editor May 10, 2021

Just the thought of you was parasitic. It gnawed at me from the inside out, slowly, but in great measure nonetheless.  You infected my brain until it was nothing more than any other useless organ,...

The Booth Headshot | Episode 3

Daniel Bethke and Thompson Wakefield January 28, 2021

Daniel Bethke, Thompson Wakefield, Harrison Olson and Jackson Paslay discuss the myriad genres of music.

Photo of Veronica Iseminger circa quarantine of 2020

Through the mind, through the water (Poem)

Veronica Iseminger, Staff Writer January 12, 2021

I remember for only a moment when my body had felt weightless as if I had become one of the soapy suds themselves.    I remember like them-when that feeling soon dissolved. When I was once...

The Booth Headshot | Episode 2

Daniel Bethke and Thompson Wakefield January 11, 2021

Daniel Bethke, Thompson Wakefield and Harrison Olson discuss debate, fashion and more in Episode 2.

Daniel Bethke, Thompson Wakefield and Harrison Olson discuss debate, fashion and more in Episode 2.

The Booth Headshot | Episode 1

Daniel Bethke and Thompson Wakefield December 15, 2020

Daniel Bethke, Thompson Wakefield and Jackson Paslay discuss music, literature and more in Episode 1.

Statesman interviews: VentexFaydz

Statesman interviews: VentexFaydz

Charley Lockwood-Powell and Carson Woods December 14, 2020

      In this video, Charley and Carson provide an in-depth look into VentexFaydz's blossoming rap career.

BY CH : Season Trailer

BY CH : Season Trailer

Chloe Houwman, Perspectives Editor December 10, 2020

Hi guys and welcome to BY CH, your new favorite podcast. On this podcast, we are going to dive into conversations about everything. Anything goes. Have questions or ideas? DM me, @chloehouwman, on Instagram.

One of the beloved characteristics of South Dakota is the unexpected weather; one moment someone is enjoying a nice cup of tea on the deck and the next one is caught in the middle of a snowstorm. This year I was lucky enough to experience a combination of autumn and winter in the Black Hills, specifically Keystone, South Dakota.

Autumn landscapes across the Midwest

Chloe Houwman, Perspectives Editor October 28, 2020

In light of the current pandemic, I have taken it upon myself to travel to areas across the Midwest that I have never been able to experience. I think sometimes one can get too caught up with the idea...

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