Lincoln High School Statesman

Downtown favorite, Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Café, is open again for business

“People have been very excited for us to be open again as we have many ‘regulars’ that live in the downtown area that enjoy coming in daily,” said McCormick.

Chloe Houwman, Entertainment Editor

May 21, 2020

When COVID-19 first hit the Sioux Falls area, many businesses made the decision to close their doors in order to protect their staff and customers. After temporarily closing in the middle of March, Sioux Falls local favorite, Josiah’s Coffeehouse and Café, has reopened. Local businesses rely on a steady stream of ...

America’s doctor

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., was appointed Director of NIAID in 1984

Avery Nelson, Staff Writer

May 20, 2020

One of the most prominent leaders during the coronavirus pandemic has been Dr. Anthony Fauci. With such an extensive history in running the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as well as fighting many different medical crises, it is clear to see how ...

Drive-thru graduation parties offer a new option for seniors

As graduation party season gets into full swing, seniors will have to decide how to host them in the time of COVID-19.

Landon DeBoer, Sports Editor

May 19, 2020

As with many events, graduation parties for high school seniors have been canceled, postponed or forced online. Along with these options for graduation parties, some high school seniors have created a new way to celebrate their successes in the form of drive-thru graduation parties. One LHS senior who ...

Sacrificing Summer

Max Martin will be attending the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 2020.

Kathryn Sweeter, Feature Editor

May 15, 2020

For many high school seniors, the summer before college is occupied with friends and family, going to the lake and having a part time job. However, not everyone gets to live this lifestyle this summer. Students who are joining the army, navy and military have a summer that looks very different. M...

The life of an artist

The life of an artist

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

Fame can change you. I am proud to confirm that the glitz and glam of Hollywood and human instinct to fall to the hierarchy of the prestige has not and will not affect me. I am grounded. You may have seen my face on the billboards, in the newspaper or on the news due to my painting that I uploaded to ...

Mr. LHS Talents 2020

Mr. LHS Talents 2020

Chloe Harbaugh, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

2020 Spinsters King

Michael Alex, a LHS senior, is involved in many activities at LHS.

Kathryn Sweeter, Feature Editor

April 12, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Spinsters dance was canceled. However, EmBe still wanted to honor the voted Spinsters Royalty members as they would if the dance had happened. This year’s LHS Spinsters king and queen are Michael Alex and Julia Soko. Alex, the LHS Spinsters king, was very excited to hear the news ...

A day in the life: Working during the coronavirus outbreak

According to the department of health, as of April 8, in South Dakota, there have been 393 cases of COVID-19 with six deaths.

Genna Sheriff, Editor-in-Chief

April 8, 2020

Most students are staying at home and hopefully practicing social distancing. I, on the other hand, have been working every day of this “break.” I work at a senior living community in the dining services department where it is our job to ensure that every independent living resident receives their ...

Upcoming changes to LHS

The front of Lincoln High school.

Olivia Brost, Staff Writer

March 23, 2020

With the end of the  2019-20 school year creeping around the corner, we prepare to say goodbye to the seniors and welcome the incoming freshman to LHS. The moving of students from grade to grade can be considered one of the main changes for some students, but with a new school year approaching and the...

February Students of the Month

The February students of the months are nominated and chosen by teachers at LHS.

Genna Sheriff, Editor-in-Chief

March 9, 2020

Nolan Fleming (9) What qualities do you possess that you believe led you to be student of the month? "I am helpful and love to help others." What is your favorite class? "Algebra because it comes easy to me and I'm good at it." What are your plans for the next school break? "To hang out with fri...

A level up for Lange

In this picture Lange showcases her signature move, spinning on her head while in the splits.

Adyson Sand, Staff writer

March 6, 2020

After a 17-hour weekly practice schedule, hundreds of rehearsals and nine auditions, LHS senior Molly Lange, has yet to experience a life without dancing.   Her persistence and expertise in dance throughout high school has allowed her to become a well-respected dancer and well-known throughout the da...

Practicing Spanish outside of LHS

LHS junior and Spanish IV student Ana Simeonova also goes to Sonia Sotomayor twice a week to work with a third grade class of Spanish-speaking students.

Avery Blackman, Staff Writer

March 6, 2020

Each year, many LHS students sign up to take a fourth, or sometimes even a fifth year of a foreign language. As one may expect, the more years of classes a student takes, the more difficult the lessons become. In the Spanish IV and AP Spanish classes at LHS, it is common for student-teacher communicati...