Lincoln High School Statesman

A one-man band

Sept. 18, 2020 homecoming game halftime performance featuring one drummer, LHS senior Mason Endsley.

Kate McCartney, Staff Writer

October 20, 2020

The homecoming football game is an event widely anticipated for many reasons; one of them being the infamous halftime shows courtesy of LHS’ marching band. This year’s performance was surely unforgettable as the band’s drumline of 22 students was reduced to just one senior: Mason Endsley. ...

October Students of the Month Q&A

Olivia Brost, Staff writer

October 16, 2020

Jackson Hauck What qualities do you possess that you believe led you to be student of the month? I am super nice. What is your favorite class? I like all my classes. What’s been your favorite memory of school so far this year?         My first day coming back to school after two weeks of being quarantined.    Xa...

Coming soon: RISE room refreshments

Ty Schaefer and Caleb Robinson are often spending time together in the RISE room.

Alexis Miller, Feature Editor

October 2, 2020

The next few months hold an array of holidays, school breaks and a special addition, RISE room refreshments. This year, RISE students have been given the opportunity to develop their work/study skills through the addition of an integrated sales activity. This will consist of creating treat bags, selling...

LHS library seeks out diversity with this years featured section

The featured section of the library contains a multitude of diverse compositions for students to choose from.

Chloe Houwman, Perspectives Editor

October 1, 2020

It’s the 1950’s. Desiree and Stella Vignes decide to run away from their small, hometown of Mallard, La., a town where all residents are light-skinned African Americans. As teenagers, Desiree and Stella grew tired of the constant obsession with staying in the community and having their futures predet...

The experience of a Harry Potter Marathon

According to Wiki-how, a Harry Potter Marathon, without stopping, takes 19 hours and 39 minutes.

Ree Baireddy, Staff writer

September 28, 2020

Between trying to create potions for my parents made from random liquids I could get my hands on and running around in my basement screaming “expelliarmus” randomly throughout the night, Harry Potter had a massive influence on my childhood. My parents showed me these films and books at a young age,...

A new approach: How students take on senior portraits

LHS senior Eva Mullen poses downtown in her session with Elizabeth Dumansky.

Mara Fendrich, Staff Writer

September 28, 2020

As the ball starts to roll for this beginning school year, many seniors are posting their portraits on social media come each sunday. Between the abundance of artistic talent in Sioux Falls and the high cost of hiring a professional photographer, some seniors have instead turned to their peers to get t...

LHS Statesman alumni: where they are now

LHS Statesman alumni Slater Dixon, Ellie Brecht, Chloe Crissman and Gage Gramlick.

Kate McCartney, Staff Writer

September 25, 2020

What do Washington, D.C., Chicago, Dallas and Sioux Falls all have in common? They are all homes to some of the most notable LHS Statesman alumni.   2015 graduate Ellie Brecht has truly made her mark by becoming a Press Assistant to South Dakota Senator John Thune, for the U.S. Senate Majority Whip...

To flow or not to flow

Red tape has been placed to direct students to their classes. Signs have also been placed to help the flow of traffic.

Emma Johnson, Staff Writer

September 22, 2020

Precautions have come to the forefront of everyone’s minds since COVID-19 swept the country in early March. Practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently and wearing masks everywhere have become the new normal. A sight that can be found upon the floors of LHS are one-way hallways. Red arrow...

New school year, new guidelines

New school year, new guidelines

Claire Brown, Staff Writer

September 15, 2020

Coming back to school was an unknown for many, but now students and staff are returning to school with many procedures in place to ensure their safety. Over the summer, the LHS staff worked hard to prepare for the return of students and make a safe environment. Not knowing what to expect, they still ho...

When unfamiliar meets uncertain

Many classes that freshmen take include a physical science, Spanish I and algebra I.

Baily Plourde, Staff Writer

September 14, 2020

As students fill the school, the smell of nervous freshmen consumes the halls. That may be a statement you can say every year, yet the stench coming from this year's freshman is mixed with a hint of something else.  Covid-19 has consumed all of our lives these past nine months. However, most of us ...

Downtown favorite, Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Café, is open again for business

“People have been very excited for us to be open again as we have many ‘regulars’ that live in the downtown area that enjoy coming in daily,” said McCormick.

Chloe Houwman, Entertainment Editor

May 21, 2020

When COVID-19 first hit the Sioux Falls area, many businesses made the decision to close their doors in order to protect their staff and customers. After temporarily closing in the middle of March, Sioux Falls local favorite, Josiah’s Coffeehouse and Café, has reopened. Local businesses rely on a steady stream of ...

America’s doctor

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., was appointed Director of NIAID in 1984

Avery Nelson, Staff Writer

May 20, 2020

One of the most prominent leaders during the coronavirus pandemic has been Dr. Anthony Fauci. With such an extensive history in running the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases as well as fighting many different medical crises, it is clear to see how ...