Royal Engagement makes history


Photo provided by Google Public Use.

Lauren Teller, Staff Writer

The latest announcement among the royals is certainly set to make history.

The engagement of Prince Harry and his fiance, American actress Meghan Markle was announced on Monday. Markle is not only an American commoner, but also a divorced, bi-racial African American woman, so their marriage brings three historical firsts, all of which are somewhat foreign to the English monarchy.

The announcement of the engagement marks the royal family´s move towards the 21st century, as Markle brings a background of cultural diversity to Kensington Palace. The newest member of the monarchy is set to become an official royal in May 2018.

The actress also brings another set of 21st century experiences to the palace. The actress is a part of the legal TV drama, “Suits”, so she has experience in the spotlight. Markle uses her fame to advocate under the United Nations for women’s political participation and leadership. The future princess also promotes gender equality, clean-water campaigns, pet adoption and campaigns that bring awareness to modern day slavery.

Her experience with philanthropy and humanitarian efforts will carry over nicely as she transitions from a commoner to a royal. Fellow former commoner and future sister-in-law Catherine Middleton and Markle share similar humanitarian causes, as Princess Kate supports the armed forces, conservation and foundations for young people. Humanitarianism is a quality that the people look for in

Markle also lives a pretty clean lifestyle despite being in the spotlight, and has avoided the tabloids, although she still manages to make herself well known and beloved by fans. The American princess is sure to make herself a great representative for her country.

The royal engagement announcement has turned all eyes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as we will all be patiently waiting view their history-making wedding.