Who will get the KELO Cup?



Photo provided by KELOLAND

Kathryn Sweeter, Journalism Student

Every year the South Dakota high schools compete at state championships to hopefully earn a KELO Cup at the end of the year. This year, LHS is likely to receive the KELO Cup.

The purpose of the KELO Cup is to recognize the champions of South Dakota high school sports. The award is given by KELOLAND Sports to one school from each of the divisions: AA, A and B. Throughout the year, schools can earn points by placing first, second or third in the state championships. First place receives five points, second is worth two points and third place is worth one point. The school with the most points at the end of the year receives the KELO Cup.

“In general, the KELO Cup exemplifies the overall performance in athletics in a school,” said LHS track and football coach, James Jarovski.

LHS has won the KELO Cup every year since 2014. Many believe LHS will win the KELO Cup again this year due to their high placement in many state championships.

“Hopefully our track team can get us some points at the upcoming state championship. Our boys and girls team both have the chance to get us up to seven to 10 points. With 10 points we can lock it up, but with seven points it’s a close race,” said Jarovski.

This year, LHS did not place first in several sports that they have in the past. However, they have placed in the top three in many other sports including tennis, soccer, cross country and girls basketball.

“A lot of sports have contributed to the success of the KELO Cup over the past four to five years. It’s fun to see all of the different programs contribute to the success of LHS athletics,” said Jarvoski.

As of right now, LHS is tied for third place with Pierre High School with a total of 15 points. OGHS is in the lead with 17 points followed by WHS with 16 points. It will come down to state track to determine who will win this year’s KELO Cup.

“This year I think our chances of winning it are pretty good. It’s going to come down to a three team race between us [LHS], BVHS and OGHS,” said Jarovski.

To view the scores of all South Dakota high schools, visit http://www.keloland.com/news/sports/kelo-cup