What it takes to be a Kidz Bop kid

Kidz Bops first album was released on Oct. 9, 2001.

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Kidz Bop’s first album was released on Oct. 9, 2001.

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer


Every Gen Z kid has seen the colorful musical performances from the great Kidz Bop crew and maybe even dreamed of being in the group.

This got me thinking, what does it take to become part of the iconic group that is Kidz Bop? What is the process of auditioning and how often do they take new members? I decided to try.

On my quest to become a Kidz Bop kid and discover what their lives are like, I delved into the world of the current members on social media.

All the Kidz Bop kids have accounts that are full of bright colors and inspiring messages. Most of their posts are Kidz Bop promotional events and concerts. All of the accounts are verified and start with “kidzbop” followed by the first name of the performer.

Every account has posts saying how excited they are to be an official kidz bop kid, but there is not really any set date where these are posted, except for they are usually around December or January.

According to the Kidz Bop website. “Kidz Bop recently held a nationwide casting call to find a new group of talented young performers to sing on the Kidz Bop albums, star in TV commercials and music videos and travel North America as part of the Kidz Bop Kids live tour.”

Unfortunately it is too late for me to become a Kidz Bop kid, but there’s always next time. Overall the website does not have anything about the audition process or when it’s next casting call will take place.

Kidz Bop puts out three albums per year, and how they manage to do that mystifies me. Fifty shows per year, three albums with around 15 songs on each plus music videos seems like a lot to get done in one year.

These kids have to be extremly talented to be picked out of thousands that auditioned during the last casting call.

According to the Kidz Bop website. “Thousands of kids from across the country auditioned and Kidz Bop had the tough job of narrowing it down to these six singing and dancing phenoms.”

I have determined that 1) I would not be accepted to be a kidz bop kid 2) I wouldn’t want to be a kidz bop kid considering the amount of time goes into it, and 3) being a Kidz Bop kid takes a lot more than one would expect.