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Meet the Student Council candidates

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Over the past week, the Statesman has created a series of videos where we give students a chance to learn a little bit about each candidate for Student Council. Each candidate was asked why they were running, what they would like to change at LHS and one question submitted by a student. Although they did not get a lot of time to think about their answers, the videos should give a rough idea of each candidate’s values and ideas. The videos are embedded below.





Gage Gramlick, Editor-in-Chief

LHS senior Gage Gramlick is editor-in-chief of the online and print versions of the Statesman. He is also editor-in-chief of your mom. Outside of giving...

Riley Rasmussen, Photographer

Riley Rasmussen is one of the photographers for the Statesman and is a third-year staff member. Next year, Rasmussen will be attending Northwestern College...

Cathleen Weng, Editor-in-Chief

Cathleen Weng is a junior at LHS. She is the News Editor and a second-year staff member of the Statesman. You could probably find her reading or binge-watching...

Genna Sheriff, Feature Editor

Genna Sheriff is a first-year staff writer of the Statesman as a junior at LHS. Besides writing for the Statesman, she is also involved with other activities...

Slater Dixon, Perspectives editor

Slater Dixon is a junior and a first-time staff member of the Statesman. Slater enjoys sharing the true meaning of Christmas and running, especially when...

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