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“The People Under the Stairs” was released to theaters on November 1, 1991

The People Under the Stairs

The last unique horror movie to watch this October is 1991’s “The People Under the Stairs.” This movie features shock horror which starts out moderate but quickly escalates toward much darker, grotesque themes. Plot twists, psychological manipulation and a fast pace all make “The People Under the Stairs” an incredibly creepy parable. Like many horror films, “The People Under the Stairs” features a chilling and eerie motif while also containing subtle commentary of underclass exploitation. However, this movie pulls such a feat off in an incredible, unsettling way. It is the paramount example of its genre.

All in all, there is a plethora of horror movies. Not all of the movies above are widely known, but it is certain that all of them are high quality, original and have lots of tropes and ideas to offer to the horror discourse.

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